Tel Aviv CVB launches Ambassadors program


Set in the heart of sunny Israel, Tel Aviv is becoming an attraction for associations worldwide as a new business events destination.

The city is now focusing on attracting international associations and various international events , led by the Tel Aviv Convention bureau which is a collaboration of  Expo Tel Aviv International Convention Center, the Tel Aviv municipality and the Tel Aviv hotel association. Expo Tel Aviv is the largest and most advanced convention venue in Israel and gradually emerging as a venue of choice for association conferences in this non stop city.

The Convention bureau managed by Ms. Noa Sapir , has  spent the past 2 years locating and contacting the leading professionals in Israel: hospital managers, leading doctors and professors in various medical fields, as well as leading individuals in the Israeli academia.

The city has 7 hospitals, 4 universities and numerous international research institutions, as well as international connectivity. Tel Aviv University is Israel’s largest and most comprehensive university, with a strong interdisciplinary focus.

The result is a list comprised of approximately 900 potential ambassadors for the city, most of which are active members in international and/ or European associations.

On January 29th the CVB officially launched the ambassadors program in an event which took place at the Tel Aviv museum of arts.

Attended by nearly 120 leading professionals, the event was a kick off for the much collaboration expected and anticipated for the near future, in order to develop potential bids for association conferences in Tel Aviv.

 Tel Aviv convention bureau partner’s executives also took part in the event, as well as the city hoteliers, and major leading PCO’s.

The event was attended by the mayor of the City of Tel Aviv who gave the opening speech, as well as the General Manager for the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.

The next few months will be dedicated to meetings with the ambassadors, as well as keeping them engaged in the city’s activities and effort s to attract international conferences and events.

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